Addiction Recovery Coach of Canada Society

Welcome to our site

Our services providing a continuum of  support, education and information to vulnerable mothers and their children . 

Based in Victoria BC we offer Train the Trainer  programs, and workshops Nationally and Internationally to Organizations and Groups.

The crocus was chosen to symbolize our society because of its beauty and strength.  Shoots from the bulb are able to push through the ground even in the harsh cold of winter.  Similar to the resiliency of the population we serve.

Our peer-based programs are some of the first in Canada which serve the needs of mothers who are living in poverty and struggling with alcohol, other addictive substances, FASD and who may have mental health concerns.

Benefits include:

  • Assist Mom to engage in treatment, and help her to remain connected to supports.
  • Break the cycle of addiction in families.
  • Empowered moms work more effectively with child protection social-workers.
  • Peer-support during pregnancy has proven to reduce the number of substance-exposed babies.
  • Healthier choices, healthier families.
  • Less stressed community resources
  • Permanency for children.

For more information please contact:

           Janet Christie: 250 889 9561   

  Liza Miles: 250 589 6828 



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