Addiction Recovery Coach of Canada Society


Understanding & working more effectively with women with mental health &substance-misuse issues.


Two-day, fee-for-service, workshop is designed to set an agenda for change in working more effectively with the target population by informing and empowering participants regarding their approach with women who have substance misuse issues.

This event will be of interest to family members and those in the helping professions, and will be of particular interest to those who are working with, and/or concerned about mothers, including women who are pregnant and using substances.


The program includes a discussion forum, lecture and experiential exercises. Participants will be encouraged to examine their own values and beliefs within the context of addiction being a family and societal illness.


The materials used in the training program are a blend of research, policy and best practices working with the target population; and are presented using a culturally sensitive and experiential approach. Both facilitators have extensive experience working with the target population.

Sample two day agenda:

Day One

Exploring drugs of abuse (including alcohol) & the brain
Understand what it is like to live with mental health and addiction
Understanding barriers and issues specific to mothers
How to build open and trusting relationships
Examining our beliefs
Stages of Change & Motivational Interviewing
Circle of healing

Day Two

Addiction & pregnancy
Harm reduction
Bringing in your community resourcs
Recovery & treatment options
Community Arts & Craft project
Circle of hope & forgiveness


Janet Christe and Liza Miles are trained professionals with practical experience and specialized knowledge working with women with addiction issues.

COMMENTS from past workshops facilitated by Christie/Miles

“This was the best training I have ever had in my life.”

“Training brought me out of my comfort zone in that I’ve had to look at myself, my views, and my approach towards working with women with addiction issues.”

“Expectations were fulfilled, and beyond.”


Please contact us for a listing of our fees. 10-15% of the proceeds from the workshops are used to
sustain a birth-mom support group in Victoria, BC.

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